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Gregory Aldrete Ph.D.

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Cities, Civilizations, and Sources
Episode 1 of History of the Ancient World
Learn about the different kind of approach the course will take in its explorations of the ancient world and hear a story that perfectly illustrates the risks inherent in letting one's own cultural biases and limited perspective overly influence the…
1942 Midway—Four Minutes Change Everything
Episode 34 of The Decisive Battles of World History
The advent of aircraft carriers brought a significant new era in naval warfare. Witness the most dramatic and pivotal of the "carrier versus carrier" battles, where the events of a short span of minutes permanently tilted the balance of power…
Greek Tragedy and the Sophists
Episode 17 of History of the Ancient World
Continue your examination of Greece's cultural heritage with this look at Greek theater: especially its greatest playwrights of tragedy, Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides: and the second wave of philosophers known as the Sophists, led first by Socrates and then by…
Ancient Egypt: The Gift of the Nile
Episode 4 of History of the Ancient World
Your introduction to Egypt reveals a civilization irrevocably shaped by geography. You learn how the Nile's predictable annual flooding of its banks, though creating a fertile strip amounting to only 3% of Egypt, permitted civilization to thrive in what was…
1942 Stalingrad—Hitler’s Ambitions Crushed
Episode 35 of The Decisive Battles of World History
Chart the German invasion of Russia at the height of the war in Europe, which massed the full force of Hitler's war machine. Follow the clash of the seemingly invincible German panzer units with the Red Army and the Russian…
Mystics, Buddhists, and Zoroastrians
Episode 14 of History of the Ancient World
Your attention shifts to those thinkers who looked beyond the physical world for answers to their questions about the fundamental issues of existence. Examine the impact of several key texts and belief systems, including the Upanishads, Jainism, Buddhism, Daoism, and…
1683 Vienna—The Great Ottoman Siege
Episode 21 of The Decisive Battles of World History
The Ottoman campaign to capture Vienna was one of the largest and most significant in Ottoman history. Study the background of the siege and the military technology and strategy on both sides. Follow the unfolding engagement and the pivotal role…
Cultures of the Ancient Near East
Episode 3 of History of the Ancient World
The lack of geographical barriers made it difficult for even the most powerful cities to retain their power. See how a succession of empires rose and fell, leaving behind legacies ranging from the use of intimidation in warfare to seafaring,…
From Out of the Mesopotamian Mud
Episode 2 of History of the Ancient World
The course's first civilization reveals a theme that will appear again and again. Grasp the critical role of geography and resources in shaping not only Mesopotamia's method of subsistence, but also its religion, structures, empire, and means of leaving its…
Mystery Cultures of Early Greece
Episode 8 of History of the Ancient World
Turn to the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations of the Mediterranean. Learn about the historical underpinnings of the Minotaur myth, Plato's account of what might have been the basis for the legend of Atlantis, and the rediscovery of writing as Greece…
What Makes a Battle Decisive?
Episode 1 of The Decisive Battles of World History
Contemplate the ways in which warfare can change the course of historical events. Examine the factors that make a military battle "decisive," such as its role in transfers of power and its social and political effects, and consider the study…
1600 Sekigahara—Samurai Showdown
Episode 20 of The Decisive Battles of World History
In this monumental episode of the samurai era, learn about the underlying politics and the major figures in the conflict, including one whose wavering loyalty took an astonishing turn on the battlefield. Track the events that unified Japan under a…
1274 B.C. Kadesh— Greatest Chariot Battle
Episode 2 of The Decisive Battles of World History
The battle of Kadesh ushered in an unprecedented era of peace in the ancient Near East. Follow the strategy and tactics of the Egyptian and Hittite armies, featuring each side's distinctive war chariots. Trace the unusual sequence of battlefield events…
Hoplite Warfare and Sparta
Episode 11 of History of the Ancient World
Experience what it was like to be raised a Spartan man or woman, the changes in military tactics and equipment that made their armies so feared, and the tragic flaw that guaranteed that this Greek city-state's power, no matter how…
The Crucible: Punic Wars, Roman Imperialism
Episode 27 of History of the Ancient World
Learn how the series of conflicts with Rome's burgeoning Mediterranean rival: the city-state of Carthage, whose forces were led by the brilliant Hannibal: were both the closest Rome ever came to total defeat and the stepping-stone to its ultimate success.
479 B.C. Plataea—Greece Wins Freedom
Episode 3 of The Decisive Battles of World History
In the 479 B.C. battle of Plataea, Greek "hoplite" forces fighting in phalanxes met the mighty army of the Persian superpower. Study the unfolding of this dramatic engagement, and learn how it ended the Persian threat to Greece and allowed…
The Vedic Age of Ancient India
Episode 7 of History of the Ancient World
In an ironic reversal of the Indus legacy, the next great era of Indian history is known through an enormous bounty of texts, but relatively little archaeological or material evidence. Grasp what the thousands of verses we have tell us…
1066 Hastings—William Conquers England
Episode 10 of The Decisive Battles of World History
The Battle of Hastings changed the course of both English and world history. Here, encounter the redoubtable figure of William the Conqueror and his 1066 invasion of England to claim the crown. Witness the terrible engagement at Hastings and its…
1759 Quebec—Battle for North America
Episode 23 of The Decisive Battles of World History
This key incident in the Seven Years War between England and France critically shaped the future of North America. Discover the conflict through the eyes of the opposing commanders as the British assault Quebec City. Observe the remarkable serendipity favoring…
The Great Empire of the Han Dynasty
Episode 25 of History of the Ancient World
Much of the world in 200 B.C. was entering nearly 600 years of instability: but something different was happening in China and Rome. Focus on the first of these two powers, each of which would shape a stable empire for…