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Rita Moreno

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Remember the Ladies
Episode 1 of Women First and Foremost
This is quite a story. For there are some stories that are so individually significant that they speak for an entire area of history. Imagine trying to become the first woman doctor, or being a slave woman who helped lead…
A Lady in the Spotlight
Episode 3 of Women First and Foremost
The lights dim, and across the silver screens of the world comes the flickering image of a lady. She is a movie star. In our movie stars, and in the entertainment industry as a whole, many women have worked to…
Actresses Turned Producer/Director
Part of the Series: Filmmakers on Film
From Mary Pickford to Barbra Streisand the successful actress turned producer/director is one of Hollywood's longest standing traditions. Includes interview materials with Barbra Streisand.
Touching the Clouds with Pen and Plane
Episode 2 of Women First and Foremost
Robert Shurtleff fought with the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment during the American Revolution, suffering at least two wounds in battle. While this is hardly woth noting in our history books, what is worth noting is that Robert Shurtleff was a woman..a…
Women First and Foremost - Influential Women throughout History
From the first published American author, to the pilots who flew during WWII, there lies an underlying pride that has allowed generations of women to achieve their deserved place at the forefront of history.
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