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Ulrich Thein

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A Berlin Romance - Eine Berliner Romanze
Mid-1950s Berlin, before the building of the Wall. Uschi, a salesgirl and aspiring fashion model from the East, is attracted to Hans, from the West. But she also loves the bright shop windows in his part of the city. The…
And Your Love Too - und deine Liebe auch
Part of the Series: Reel Women in East German Film
On August 13th, 1961--the night the Berlin Wall goes up--three people must make a decision that will change their lives forever... Upon learning of the building of the Wall, the director and scriptwriter changed the story they were working on…
Five Cartridges - Fünf Patronenhülsen
During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), five International Brigade soldiers of different nationalities are given a crucial assignment as their commander lies dying: they are to smuggle top-secret information across enemy lines. Shot mainly in Bulgaria and starring Academy nominee…
The Sailor's Song - Lied der Matrosen
The Russian Revolution is finally triumphant in the Fall of 1917. As soldiers, the engineer Henne Lobke and the stoker Jens Kasten show solidarity with the Russians, eventually disarming their officers to stop the sinking of a Russian cargo ship.…