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Love is All - 100 Years of Modern Romance
Our definitions of "Romantic Love" continually change and adjust to societal changes. This acclaimed film takes us through a century of unprecedented social upheaval and sexual shifts, via 100 years of romance on the big screen. From the first kisses…
The Show of Shows - Freak Shows, Cabarets and Circus Performers
This film tells the story of itinerant circus performers, cabaret acts and vaudeville and fairground attractions. In this film, rarities and never-before seen footage of fairgrounds, circus entertainment, freak shows, variety performances, music hall and seaside entertainment are chronicled from…
Village at the End of the World - A Teenager in Greenland
Lars is the only teenager in town who, in a community of hunters doesn't want to hunt. Niaqornat in North West Greenland has a population of 59, if the population falls below 50 then the village loses its Danish subsidies…