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Mental Health Education

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Bi Polar Assessment
This playlist features an assessment of a person with Bi Polar Disorder during a hypomanic phase. Also, an example of an assessment of a client with Bi Polar Disorder after being discharged from an acute setting. Clip #1: "Bi Polar…
2 videos
Motivational Interviewing
The basics of Motivational Interviewing that can be applied to a variety of settings.
Mental Health Clinicians in Remote Areas
Location issues and physical barriers for Mental Health Clinicians in remote areas (Part 1). Also, a discussion on Dual Diagnosis, co-morbidity and remote access (Part 2) and the challenges of limited resources, generic teams and treatment consistency (Part 3). Homeless…
4 videos
Crisis Intervention
This playlist includes introductions to the Crisis Intervention Model, an assessment of a person experiencing a personal crisis and tools for successful interventions to unlock potential. Clip #1: "Crisis Intervention - An Overview" - Clip #2: "Crisis Intervention Assessment" -…
3 videos
The Effects of Crystal Meth Addiction - Crystal Meth Dangers and Warning Signs
A series of instructional videos offering advice for medical practitioners regarding patients and crystal meth. Clip #1: ""ICE" (Crystal Meth) Emergency Department Considerations" - Clip #2: ""ICE" (Crystal Meth) Effects" - Clip #3: "Acute "ICE" Intoxication" -
3 videos
This playlist features a discussion about early psychosis and an assessment of a person displaying psychotic symptoms with co-current cannabis abuse. Clip #1: "Early Psychosis (Introduction)" - Clip #2: "Psychosis and Cannabis Assessment" -
2 videos
Mini Mental Health Assessment - Aged
Conducting a Mini Mental Health Assessment on an aged person and its potential implications.
Depression and Anxiety
Discusses the following topics: Generalised anxiety assessment. Being alert to the presence of mood and effective symptoms. A psychiatric assessment with a person who displays more severe signs of depressive symptoms. Clip #1: "Generalised Anxiety Assessment" - Clip #2: "Mild…
3 videos
Drug and Alcohol
This playlist discusses the different stages of using a specialist Drug and Alcohol assessment tool, and the implications of having a mental illness and co-current drug and/or alcohol addiction. Clip #1: "Drug and Alcohol Assessment" - Clip #2: "Drug and…
4 videos
A Strength Based Model of Mental Health and Motivational Interviewing
This playlist consists of a client centred approach that considers the person to be the expert and assist to identify strengths, goals and is a platform for difficult conversations. Clip #1: "A Strength Based Model of Mental Health" - Clip…
2 videos
Addressing Self Harm Issues
This is a practical approach to addressing self harm issues and working collaboratively including risk.
Sexual Abuse Disclosure
An interview where a client who discloses sexual abuse and subsequent interventions.
An Aggressive Person
This playlist demonstrates two practical examples of the confronting nature of an aggressive client. Clip #1: "An Aggressive Person Part 1" - Clip #2: "An Aggressive Person Part 2" -
2 videos
Assessing Children's Mental Health
A practicing clinician's summary of the process involved in the assessment of children and young adults.