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Legacy - The Powerful Voices of Three Generations of African-American Women
An Oscar-nominated portrait of an African-American family that dramatically captures their successes and failures as they struggle to overcome the devastating effects of poverty, welfare, and community violence. For four generations, the Collins family has depended on welfare and lived…
All the Difference - Young African American Men and Their College Experiences
Inspired by New York Times bestseller "The Other Wes Moore", Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning producer/director Tod Lending presents ALL THE DIFFERENCE, an acclaimed film about African-American manhood. Filmed over five and a half years, ALL THE DIFFERENCE weaves together the…
Aimee's Crossing - Young Women in the Juvenile Justice System
In this provocative, intimate, and emotionally-charged portrait, filmmaker Tod Lending follows juvenile offender Aimee Myers for four years as she struggles to stay out of incarceration and overcome her addictions. The Governor of Illinois granted Lending unprecedented access to a…