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Mental Health (Nursing)

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Living With Schizophrenia (Asia)
Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness characterized by incoherent or illogical thoughts, bizarre behaviour and speech, and delusions or hallucinations. Schizophrenia typically begins in young adulthood, and causes can be due to genetics, environment, and psychological and social processes. Delusions…
Bi Polar Assessment
This playlist features an assessment of a person with Bi Polar Disorder during a hypomanic phase. Also, an example of an assessment of a client with Bi Polar Disorder after being discharged from an acute setting. Clip #1: "Bi Polar…
2 videos
Living with PTSD
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect many different people, from survivors of rape and survivors of natural disasters to military service men and women. Experiencing traumatic events can change the way our brains function. Especially with severe or repeated exposure,…
7 videos
Living with Depression
Depression affects around 6% of us every year. Depression has a significant impact on the way someone feels, causing a persistent 'low' mood which can have a serious affect on their ability to carry on their everyday . Depression is…
7 videos
Motivational Interviewing
The basics of Motivational Interviewing that can be applied to a variety of settings.
Crisis Intervention
This playlist includes introductions to the Crisis Intervention Model, an assessment of a person experiencing a personal crisis and tools for successful interventions to unlock potential. Clip #1: "Crisis Intervention - An Overview" - Clip #2: "Crisis Intervention Assessment" -…
3 videos
This playlist features a discussion about early psychosis and an assessment of a person displaying psychotic symptoms with co-current cannabis abuse. Clip #1: "Early Psychosis (Introduction)" - Clip #2: "Psychosis and Cannabis Assessment" -
2 videos
A Strength Based Model of Mental Health and Motivational Interviewing
This playlist consists of a client centred approach that considers the person to be the expert and assist to identify strengths, goals and is a platform for difficult conversations. Clip #1: "A Strength Based Model of Mental Health" - Clip…
2 videos
Depression and Anxiety
Discusses the following topics: Generalised anxiety assessment. Being alert to the presence of mood and effective symptoms. A psychiatric assessment with a person who displays more severe signs of depressive symptoms. Clip #1: "Generalised Anxiety Assessment" - Clip #2: "Mild…
3 videos
Mini Mental Health Assessment - Aged
Conducting a Mini Mental Health Assessment on an aged person and its potential implications.
An Aggressive Person
This playlist demonstrates two practical examples of the confronting nature of an aggressive client. Clip #1: "An Aggressive Person Part 1" - Clip #2: "An Aggressive Person Part 2" -
2 videos
Addressing Self Harm Issues
This is a practical approach to addressing self harm issues and working collaboratively including risk.
Promoting Mobility in People with Dementia
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. Demonstration and lecture, by Rosemary Oddy, of appropriate techniques to use to promote the mobility of people with Dementia. Producer: David Crewes
Sexual Abuse Disclosure
An interview where a client who discloses sexual abuse and subsequent interventions.
Assessing Children's Mental Health
A practicing clinician's summary of the process involved in the assessment of children and young adults.
Mental Health Clinicians in Remote Areas
Location issues and physical barriers for Mental Health Clinicians in remote areas (Part 1). Also, a discussion on Dual Diagnosis, co-morbidity and remote access (Part 2) and the challenges of limited resources, generic teams and treatment consistency (Part 3). Homeless…
4 videos
Drug and Alcohol
This playlist discusses the different stages of using a specialist Drug and Alcohol assessment tool, and the implications of having a mental illness and co-current drug and/or alcohol addiction. Clip #1: "Drug and Alcohol Assessment" - Clip #2: "Drug and…
4 videos