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35 Shots of Rum
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35 Shots of Rum
35 rhums

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Comments (8)

Susan avatar

Quel beau film!

Anonymous picture

Pure gem, all in subtleties. Alex Descas and Mati Diop have the most wonderful father/daughter relationship I have ever seen on screen.

Anonymous picture

Perfect example of why I love foreign films and jazz, you don't always know where their going, but it's nice to be allowed to fill in the blanks with your imagination and not someone elses.

Anonymous picture

Perhaps Claire Denis' loveliest film. There might not be a better filmmaker working in France today.

Anonymous picture

Depressing. Too realistic.

Anonymous picture

What did I just watch? Who was Noe? Who was the German woman and her daughter? Was Josephine getting married? Why two rice cookers? I liked some scenes and the overall pace, but for me, too many things were inconclusive and therefore not satisfying.

Anonymous picture

Really beautiful.
Moved by the father / daughter relationship and their quiet moments of intimacy.
The dance scene is one of the most sensual, clothed scenes I have ever witnessed

Anonymous picture

Could not finish. Not sure where this film was going, stopped at the apartment scene at 1:09.