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The Alchemist Cookbook
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The Alchemist Cookbook

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Janice avatar

Another case of "The Emperor's New Clothes". Style over substance. Artsy masturbation. I'm sorry I wasted a credit on this unsatisfying -- nay, annoying -- choice. Call me character-driven; I want to know what drives people to do what they do. This is a 10-minute ending to a potentially ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Beneath the stilted language, it seems like your biggest issue with the film is that it respects a viewer's intelligence by not spoon-feeding
plot through dialogue.

"This film is unconventional and leaves too much to the imagination, so I did not like it." would convey the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I was excited to see a moody, creeping horror film with a black lead, but the ending felt completely rushed and oversimplified. A great build up only for a lackluster ending.