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Alexander McQueen Part 1
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Alexander McQueen Part 1
Part of the Series: Designer Marathon Volume 3

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

The music drove me mad. This is NOT recommended viewing by me.

Anonymous picture

Yes the music killed it for me. And the announcer's voice I couldn't get used to. The only good thing was I then went to youtube and watched his actual fashion shows there.

Anonymous picture

Thanks for the tip Alyssa! I am keen to see the recently released doco McQueen on his life. I have let Kanopy know should it be able to get it.

Anonymous picture

Since I had seen the doc McQueen and I, and had seen previews of McQueen, I was excited to see this movie/doc. Instead it wasn't what I expected at all. It's not a documentary or a movie. Instead, it seems like it's years and years of footage from "Videofashion". The music I still can't tell ...Read more

Anonymous picture

My sentiments exactly.