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Anonymous picture

A classic that never gets old. Brilliant all the way round. Sonny Rollins nailed it with the soundtrack, Cher on vocals. Perfect casting, exquisite performances. Whew!

Anonymous picture

Caine brilliantly plays the perfect cad...selfish and uncaring until he comes to realize how awful his behavior is. The abortion sequence is amazingly daring for the time. All actors are perfect: Jane Asher, Vivien Merchant, Shelley Winters especially.

Anonymous picture

Caine pulls off the neat trick of making Alfie likable by revealing, that despite his caddish nature, he genuinely cares about people. This doesn't exonerate him, though. The film is saying something about class in England -- gee, East Enders can have (inarticulate) feelings -- as well as ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great movie. They really took chances in the 60s. I doubt any major Hollywood studio would be so bold as to depict an abortion in today's cinema.

Anonymous picture

You are correct, Jennifer. That's where hollywood has really shrunk from its ability to break ground. Depicting an abortion is essentially anathema in hollywood, even in independent cinema.