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The Architects
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The Architects

Filmed as the GDR crumbled, this somber, finely drawn portrait of life in East Berlin depicts a young architect whose life and goals are strangled by communist dogma represented by the older generation. THE ARCHITECTS was one of the first fiction films to deal with both the GDR and unification period.

Daniel feels like a stranger in his own land. His architectural plans for a new development have been rejected for not complying with standardized designs. His colleagues increasingly leave Daniel to himself. Even Daniel's wife, Wanda, is despondent; like so many others, she wants to move to the West and take their daughter. Daniel is left to wonder what happened to his country and its people.

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Anonymous picture

Remarkable movie!

Anonymous picture

This is an awesome movie! It shows the live in socialist countries as it was, with its pros and cons. The biggest problem in the Eastern Block was the conservatism of the party elites, not Socialism (people loved Socialism and most continue loving it to this day, if you don't belive me - look ...Read more

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Over the course of the existence of the GDR, culture followed a theoretical arch similar to that of the West: realism gave way to modernism and modernism to the postmodern. Introducing Post-Fascist Fantasies, Hell summarizes the view of Wolfgang Emmerich, literary scholar of the GDR, as being ...Read more

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This was a good film about the daily life and struggles of living in a command economy.

Karlheinz avatar

The US is also a command economy - we push trillions into a failed military industry. Nothing special about the DDR.

Kim avatar

Super film that made me appreciate my freedom and empathize with those controlled by dogma and politics. Love these historical German films about the struggles shared by many of the oppressed.

Anonymous picture

This film made me remember about the freedoms we LOST when we turned to capitalism.
In modern Eastern European countries, the drive for profit controlls the creative thinking of people even more that Stasi could.
In the past we were oppressed by the beaurocracy. Now we are ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A very interesting film, and one needn't be much concerned with architecture to be engaged with it. One of the few East German (DDR) films that speaks honestly about how it was to live, work and love in that country before the fall of the Wall. Bleak, but compelling.