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The Ashram
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The Ashram

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This is easily one of the worst films ever made starring an Oscar winner. The script is howlingly stupid, the acting is Lifetime-caliber, and the special effects are horrendous. Every single choice that happens onscreen is so profoundly wrong, you'll find yourself unable to look away. It's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great movie, a must see

kanopy33 avatar

So beautiful, would love to visit those pristine, mystical mountains. The story, however, was weak and loses its grip early on.

Anonymous picture

Not the worst film I have ever viewed. The faith vs. reason storyline, while not new, was intriguing, sadly told here without nuance or substance. The scenery and some of the acting were the most memorable points – the beautiful visuals contrasted by weak performances. The special effects ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A waste of time...

Anonymous picture

2.5 stars - gets smaltzy at times, nice scenery, interesting story line but, not the best acting