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The Ballad of Lefty Brown
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The Ballad of Lefty Brown

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There is a lot of wheezing in this movie. Lefty sounds like a cross between Andy Devine and Slim Pickens. The voice is so cliche that it stops being annoying after a few minutes and you just go with it. For some reason, you will keep watching this film.

Anonymous picture

Bill Pulman is Lefty Brown, not the merciless cowboy in the description but an inept sidekick for well respected rancher Peter Fonda. A backhanded deal is behind what at first appears to be a murder by rustlers over three stolen horses. Lefty being the main character is hard to take, as ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Excellent rendition of the settling of the U.S. West, violence and justice, 'warts and all.' The rawness of the characters and easy pace reflect the stark reality of what might very well be a classic movie set in an unforgiving yet beautiful landscape.

Anonymous picture

Much too long.

Anonymous picture

Fell asleep after 30 minutes. Gave it another shot with a strong cup of coffee. Still no go. Stilted acting. cliched script. A snail like pace. Forget this one.

Anonymous picture

A tale of vengeance. Well acted. ("He had it comin'." "We all do, kid".)