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Bang Bang Baby
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Bang Bang Baby

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Nice try but too long and maudlin and it just couldn't decide what kind of film it was going to be. All over the place and muddled. Started strong and then fell apart, embarrassingly.

Anonymous picture

Somebody in Canada REALLY liked the late, great Dennis Potter.

Somebody in Canada thought he was the answer to Dennis Potter.

Somebody didn't understand the question.

A very good looking film in spots with some decent acting, but it's destroyed by a really muddled ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As a fan of musical theatre, and someone who thought they had seen it all when it comes to the genre, this was a great watch. This truly is an original piece with a great story. Reminds me a lot of Bye Bye Birdie but gone wrong.

Anonymous picture

Jane Levy and Justin Chatwin bring out extra raw star power from one another in this instant small town classic. As has already been said about this piece, It's a lot like "Little Shop of Horror" mixed with a the bit more of a bizarre flare like "Rocky Horror." Yet it stands out all alone in ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Bang Bang Baby was recently reviewed by film blog, A Year of Films. The reviewer said "This film has the makings of a cult classic like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There’s definitely not a film like this anywhere else and it’s refreshing to see Stepphy Holiday, a talented young woman with ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I have always loved what I call “sci fi musicals”. Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Little Shop of Horrors are the perfect examples. Bang Bang Baby had this wonderful combination of a cool story, great music, terrific casting, a beautiful “look” and loads of fun. It is one of my favorite ...Read more