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A History of African American Expulsion

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Anonymous picture

I anxiously await my school's approval to make this film available. This is very much a present day Public Health issue that affects our politics, social norms, health and wealth disparities, etc. Having the accurate historical accounts and information and the strength and courage to face and ...Read more

Nandi avatar

Very enlightening! An informative historical educational piece of work. Thank you

Anonymous picture

I have never heard of the expulsion of black people, and this was very difficult to watch. And sadly, the film reinforces the idea that these communities had not changed much at the time of filming. Because a refusal to acknowledge the past suggests a willingness to tolerate a repeat of it.

Anonymous picture

This is a part of history, we rarely think about. In this country many immigrants receive reparations, including some of the country's enemies during wartime. However, in relation to freed slaves, and the individuals depicted in this movie, justice seems to be ignored.