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A Bay Of Blood
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A Bay Of Blood

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Anonymous picture

I love this time period in films.

Anonymous picture

I'm not huge into slasher movies, but it's clear this laid the groundwork for that subgenre. Good effects, great visuals (that mostly eschew Bava's penchant for over-the-top lighting) and a great score from Stelvio Cipriani. Even the story (multiple murderers all vying for a piece of a ...Read more

Lauren avatar

Ive heard this film referred to as the grandfather of the modern slasher film and I see why. It's clear to see that films like those in the Friday the 13th franchise especially borrowed heavily from this gorey and fun early 70's Italian horror flick.

The story doesn't make much sense ...Read more

Anonymous picture


Let's all bow before
the grandfather of slashers
and cheeky match cuts.

Anonymous picture

I am a fan of Mario Bava's work, but I dislike this film for four reasons. First, the pacing is slack. Second, it is often difficult to figure out what is going on. Third, there is no one to root for and no reason to care about the outcome of the story. Fourth, the macabre humor does little ...Read more