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The Art of Forgery

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Very well done, a bit of a education on the art world and how it functions.
If this wasn't a true story I would not have believed this guy could have pulled this off.

Anonymous picture

I love this kind of story, where a ¨fraud¨ unmasks frauds. Rudy Kurniawan did the same thing for the wine world by rebottling cheap wine and selling it as vintage. It took years for anyone to figure it out. I consider these figures to be descendants of Socrates. They are posing fundamental ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Why isn't everyone talking about this film!? Beltracchi rewrote art history so well that he even fooled the experts–and they are livid! This a true crime story with a likeable, talented antihero.

Anonymous picture

Ein ganz sympathischer Mann und daher geniessbarer Dokumentar. Wenn der Mensch kein Genie ist, bin ich kein Mensch. Außerdem sind seine Gemälde wirklich schön. Seine Fälschungen und die Werke von "ihm" selber. Any American watching this should question our prison system in contrast to the ...Read more

Simon avatar

The Bonnie and Clyde of the Art World... Awesome documentary!