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Black Sunday
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Black Sunday

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Sorry, but this was so cheesy to me. It has moments that are creative, but at times I was smiling at how bad the dialogue and acting are. It isn't awful, just gets too cheesy for me.

Anonymous picture

Sumptuous black-and-white visuals and some surprising violence (for an early '60s film) form the backbone of this horror tale, featuring Barbara Steele in dual roles. Not my favorite Bava (BLACK SABBATH takes that crown), but a great example of what he could do with so little.

Anonymous picture

An atmospheric b&w movie. Good on a rainy day or night. It also has a wonderful Barbara Steele.

Anonymous picture

That has to be one of the best opening scenes to a horror movie ever.

Anonymous picture

Truly inspired and masterfully planned cinematography. Up there with Citizen Kane in that respect.

Anonymous picture

BLACK SUNDAY is a visually stunning film that is strong on atmosphere but weak on plot and characterization. It launched Mario Bava's career and spawned numerous imitators. The movie also made Italian horror films bankable.