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A Bottle in The Gaza Sea
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A Bottle in The Gaza Sea

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

What a display of fake Israeli innocence, from start to finish. I'm surprised they managed to get any Palestinians to act in it- couldn't imagine a film like this being made now

Anonymous picture

Eye opening, touching, well acted. Highly recommend if you are interested in the complexities of this issue, and at heart long for peace in this world.

Anonymous picture

This wasn't all bad. I follow some of the actors from other projects. The character Tal is naive and that's okay because she is a teenager but the whole story falls a bit flat.

Anonymous picture

pro-israel much?! dayum!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I watched Bottle in the Gaza Sea two days before my depression first descended. I think it's a bad omen. Don't waste your time on it. The cinematography isn't even very good here.

Anonymous picture

you could watch the funniest movie and think the movie is bad.

Anonymous picture

It's a beautiful film. Whether it is through a bottle, telephone or the internet, we need more contact, more love shared between our two people. I am Israeli and I was moved and inspired by the film. But also saddened as it ended. The realities of the situation in Gaza came flooding back ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hell of a film for a 2 million $ budget, great collaboration, keep up the good work !!

Marilou avatar

Great movie! It shows that it doesn't matter where you're from, culture, skin color or what kind of language you speak, when you open up your heart to love everything is possible.❤️