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Cannibal Holocaust
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Cannibal Holocaust

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There are important questions posed if you look hard enough. Like, who are the real savages? But I have quarrels.

And the Razzie for Worst Subtitles in a Feature Film goes to "Cannibal Holocaust". The film is in English, and dubbed in English. When South American languages and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

One of the very rare movies (see also: SALO) that I can't tell if I love or hate. On the one hand, it was supposedly an inspiration to the recent spate of found-footage films, so its influence on the genre is undeniable; on the other hand, the animal violence (several real animals are killed) ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Profoundly, unpleasantly brutal, which I suppose is the entire point. The plot is far more compelling and structured than your average torture porn, and there is actually a message to the madness this film is infamous for. That said, it's absolutely not for the faint of heart or weak of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hurrah for the cannibals!

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Give this one a watch if you run out of Ipecac.

Chase avatar

A true cult classic and required viewing for any horror aficionado.

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This movie was profound.

Anonymous picture

Im glad the natives ate the savage white people. They wanted to exploit the natives but when they realized what their white men did they wanted to erase the footage. Says a lot.

Anonymous picture

Heard about this movie for years, seen bits and pieces in off prints but this was my first full viewing. Painful, brutal, and every bit as nasty as its considerable reputation. Left me feeling numb-- which (I think) was the point. If the first imperative of the horror movie is "be ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I can see why the director was initially arrested.

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