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The Conformist
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The Conformist

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Comments (4)

Robert avatar

Wow, if you can think of a more gripping portrayal of a person struggling with ethical dilemmas, please recommend! It might help to bone up on fascist Italy history because the timeline isn't clearly presented, but the majority of the action takes place in 1938 and 1943, with one pivotal ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Father may have been a "fascist". and his. Did my father ever partake in homosexual encounters, H*LL NO. That's what I did not understand about this movie. Even though I liked it (it's a classic) I was still confused and slightly angry.

Anonymous picture

Hey, Frank, ya know what you should do? Google search "internalized homophobia"

Anonymous picture

Bertolucci's films will live forever. Never aging. Classy!