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The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger
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The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

Might unintentionally make the case for vegans even though the credits say some of the creators are burger lovers. Cows really do react with fright when they get to the slaughterhouse.

Anonymous picture

It was ok. Hard to follow at times for me.

Anonymous picture

amazing! with great music and animation too!

Anonymous picture

The animation was great, but the plot seemed rather trite.

Barbara avatar

Great animation. Very amusing and touching as well.

Anonymous picture

Dang! Learning life's lessons the HARD way!! Sometimes, it really IS better to listen to mum!

Ariel avatar

Poignant and timely - the grass is always greener on the other side until you step over.

Anonymous picture

Sometimes the only thing that can stop us is seeing the actual thing for ourselves. I loved this short!

Daniela avatar

I believe this movie should be show extensively to all this generational screen-consumers, phone and media addicts who are resembling the calf in this story. Lovely and insightful short movie.

Anonymous picture

"The kid who wanted to be an adult"
As children, we're in such a hurry to grow up....

Minami avatar

Cute little short!

Lauren avatar

A really sweet short from one of the great minds of modern animation, Bill Plympton. I loved the bright color palate and the universally relatable story. Great entertainment for kids and adults alike.

Anonymous picture

Besides entertainment, it might make kids want to be vegan.