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Death in Léon
Investigating the Murder of Isabel Carrasco

Death in Léon - Investigating the Murder of Isabel Carrasco
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4 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Three Minutes
On May 12 2014, Isabel Carrasco, the president of the provincial government of Leon, Spain were murdered in broad daylight in the center of Leon. Feared and hated for her…
Episode 2 Seven Years
Seven years before the crime, Isabel Carrasco came to power in Leon. At the same time, Triana Martinez, a young telecommunications engineer, started work in the provincial council. The two…
Episode 3 Ten Hours
No one understands the involvement of the local policewoman, and Triana's friend, Raquel Gago. The prosecution is convinced that she was part of the plan, but she maintains her innocence.…
Episode 4 Life After
The jury finds the three defendants guilty of murder. The prosecutor's case wins. Isabel Carrasco's memory becomes increasingly distant in Leon; no one wants to look back. The three defendants…