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The Death of Louis XIV
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The Death of Louis XIV
La Mort de Louis XIV

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Masterpiece. Pushing the edge of cinema.

Anonymous picture

A very mature film for a very mature audience!! Bravo Monsieur Serra....

harrison avatar

Serra has done his subject justice, transmuting the slow and steady march toward oblivion into an aptly imposing and unyielding work of art.

Anonymous picture

J'ai adoré ce film! Trés émouvant. Vive le Roi!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Yes. I understand this movie. THIS MOVIE, I understand. BUt, when you get to a certain age (trust me, I got "way" past this age) you start to realize that life is PRECIOUS PEOPLE. Was the cinematography great?" YEs. Was the script with a plot hole? WHO CARES

Anonymous picture

Sad. Boring.