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Deep Red
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Deep Red
Profondo Rosso

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

ah damn this isnt the real version.

Anonymous picture

Is this version at least uncut in terms of gore and violence?

Lauren avatar

This film (and giallo as a genre) is so visually interesting, tonally jarring and down-right entertaining. The lighting and cinematography are fantastic and the music is crazy. If you are a horror/thriller fan and are interested in giallo this is a great place to start.

Anonymous picture

This is the truncated International cut, not the 125 minute full-length version.

Anonymous picture

Is it inferior to the full-length?

Anonymous picture

Haven't seen this shorter cut yet but I wasn't fond of the full-length at all. Far too long and padded for its own good. Why anyone prefers Deep Red to Tenebre, Phenomena, or Opera in the Argento canon is beyond me. (Though Suspiria's #1 for sure!)