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A Delicate Balance
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A Delicate Balance

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

A play that makes you think about life. Albee is a playwrite from a different era. Lots of talking, which means lots of listening for the view. I think we are too used to action films in this day and age.

Anonymous picture

Reminds me that people really don't talk things out anymore with each other. Boundaries are such difficult things to define and establish. So much guilt and disappointment.

Anonymous picture

In 2018 we have more pressing issues....

Anonymous picture

Stopped watching after a few lines of incomprehensible dialogue by Hepburn -- arch, dated...

Anonymous picture

Typical Albee, beautifully acted, great acting and directing.

Anonymous picture

White privilege at its most boring. This has not aged well, if it ever really translated from a stage play in the first part.