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Design and Thinking
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Design and Thinking

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

This doc is long on people stating the obvious and short on insight.

Anonymous picture

I was hoping to learn how to design or how to change my thinking but I lost interest and coulnd't finish watching

Ibrahim avatar

Really misses the point and doesn't promote design thinking.
It seemed like there is no innovation and design thinking happening outside of SF, which is a well-defined niche at this point.

Anonymous picture

This documentary does not allow for any sort of introspection into how citizens can become involved within a design-oriented context. I am also bothered by how little we see designers outside of San Francisco, and feel that the intended audience is meant to simply convey the same information ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lost opportunity to articulate the notion of design thinking. So many influential figures, so little content.

Joe avatar

A little meandering. Could do a lot better showing diverse designers too.

Anonymous picture

^agree. Hopefully the homogenous demographic of designers represented isn't reflective of the field.