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Fair Haven
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Fair Haven

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A neatly paced movie with a predictable storyline that depicts apple farming bizarrely (I don't know if one would actually farm apples the way the film depicts apple farming, but I have my doubts). The acting was decent; the directing, good; the cinematography and set direction, great. The ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This movie is not about growing apples ...Its about a boy trying to be cured of his gayness and his father coming to terms with this....I enjoyed this movie right to the end...

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Good cinematography, The actors did a decent job with the lines as they were written, but no real depth to any of the conflict. There should have been a LOT more research about farming apples. It is pretty implausible that two men could have actually sprayed the entire orchard with a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Agreed completely! The total lack of understanding of growing and harvesting apples was bizarre, they should have just picked a market garden crop! And tree quarters of a million for an orchard that just one guy can handle? Hah!

Anyway, the bigger problems here are the leaden directing ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Same old, same old -- but rather well done.

Anonymous picture

Wow. What an amazing film. Hit very close to home. 5 stars.

Anonymous picture

With the exception of Wopat's portrayal of the father, Fair Haven, is a negligible addition to gay indie films. It's not just that it's all been done before (and better). That's never the point - it's seeing the material re-imagined and presented in a way that doesn't make one think of an ...Read more

Pier avatar

I was pretty amazed at how tolerant the father (Tom Wopat) was with his son. I mean this is a good thing. The story was very real to me, a good film though this theme has been filmed many times in various ways. A sensitive piece of writing and directing!

Anonymous picture

Tom Wopat? He did a decent job! I do think these films are important to gay youth. This is probably what it looks like in middle America.