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Family Nursing Interviewing Skills
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Family Nursing Interviewing Skills
Part of the Series: Family Nursing collection

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How to Do a 15 Minute (or Less) Family Interview
Featuring real-life clinical scenarios, Wright and Leahey demonstrate key family nursing skills such as how to use manners to engage families in a short period; how to start therapeutic conversations…
Interviewing an Individual to Gain a Family Perspective with Chronic Illness - A Clinical Demonstration
A brief clinical interview honors the notion that illness is a family affair and demonstrates skills for how to assess the impact of chronic illness on one's life and relationships…
How to Intervene with Families with Health Concerns
Focus on intervention and change! Wright and Leahey demonstrate interventions in three new clinical interviews: encouraging the telling of illness narratives, validating affect, drawing forth family strengths/support, encouraging respite, offering…
How to Use Questions in Family Interviewing
Increase your interviewing skills by using questions that are effective and time-efficient! Wright and Leahey demonstrate how to use questions that engage all family members and focus the meeting, assess…
Common Errors in Family Interviewing - How to Avoid and Correct
How to avoid and correct errors in family interviewing is essential for relational practice and for healing to occur. Interviewing skills are demonstrated in new actual clinical vignettes. Specifically shown…
Tips and Microskills for Interviewing Families of the Elderly
An interview with a clinician and two senior children at the time of their mother's transition to a care facility demonstrates the microskills to assist families of the elderly with…
Family Nursing Interviewing Skills
Through this film "Family Nursing Interviewing Skills: How to Engage, Assess, Intervene, and Terminate with Families", observe the four stages of a family nursing interview from engagement through termination. Wright…
Calgary Family Assessment Model - How to Apply in Clinical Practice
The co-developers of the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM), Drs. Lorraine M. Wright and Maureen Leahey demonstrate the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) in clinical practice. Highlighting the structural, developmental,…