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Fear And Desire
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Fear And Desire

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Comments (19)

Anonymous picture

I chose to watch this movie because it was under one hour and I've heard of Stanley Kubrick. The film reminds me of a longer Twilight Zone episode. The narrator even sounds a bit like Rod Serling. Very bizarre film. I'm not sure it was the best use of 56 minutes.

Anonymous picture

I can see why Stanley Kubrick was considered a great filmmaker.

Anonymous picture

Too many words, too didactic. I had heard it was terrible and it was in an interesting way. "Paths of Glory" preaches the same message but, what a difference experience makes. The river and the moralistic philosophyzing and also the dark scenes bring to mind "Apocalypse Now". Kubrick's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is a very bad film. It proves the old adage that nothing can overcome terrible writing. When it was re-screened 40 years later Kubrick called it: "a bumbling amateur film exercise." I think that's an honest evaluation of his first film. But for Kubrick fans or the die-hard cinephile ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Happy to see Kubrick's first film

Anonymous picture

A movie to end all wars....and all films.

Anonymous picture

This could never be a great film in anybody's hands.

Anonymous picture

An undisputed masterpiece.

Anonymous picture

Dated, silly, amateurish, goofy. An utter failure, including the background music. It's a wonder that Kubrick was ever allowed to make another movie.

Joseph avatar

What a dumb movie!

Anonymous picture

Well, they got over that whole 'dead girl' thing rather quickly. I think the raft gave a great performance & there were some nice camera angles. But obvious why Kubrick wasn't particularly proud of this one...

Anonymous picture

Of all the films Kubrick made, this is the one he hated the most, and it's the only one of his films on this platform. Nice.

Anonymous picture

Seems to have a Rod Serling Twilight Zone tone to it. Even the music. Good photo editing. But this was 1953. Twilight Zone started in 1959. So who influenced who?

Anonymous picture

Not great by any stretch but one can see the first awkward steps of a brilliant filmmaker in training. Full Metal Jacket seems like a more skillful and more fully realized version of what Kubrick was going for here.

Anonymous picture

Can see the beginning of a great film career. Pity about the dialogue which was riddled with cliches as were the characters.

Anonymous picture

In mood and tone, it anticipates a lot of later Vietnam War films, especially Apocalypse Now, also The Thin Red Line. I liked it better than some of Kubrick's other movies!

Anonymous picture

this is way better than i expected it to be

Anonymous picture

I can't imagine being trapped behind enemy lines with some know-it-all lieutenant pseudo philosopher. He is such an annoying actor, I think I would have to mutiny.

Tosh avatar

The roots of Stanley Kubrick. Not a bad film. By no means a masterpiece, but a solid piece of work.