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Finding Altamira
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Finding Altamira

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Anonymous picture

I was very blessed to have had a professor in college that taught a class on these and many other caves in Europe. She had visited many of them and photographed slides of these images and took us on a visual tour throw a number of these ancient caves. The impression of these astounding ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A jewel of a film and a must see for art worshippers and fans of Antonio Banderas. Very intriguing story behind the discovery of the Altamira cave paintings, which I had never heard. Beautiful cinematography and music.

Anonymous picture

Great movie for art lovers and for those new to art history. Beautiful cinematography one wish to be there. Full of history of what may have been an early civilization. Art is a perfect medium that transcend time.

Simon avatar

This was entertaining as well as educating. I ended up reading a bunch of articles on Altamira after the movie finished.