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This series reveals the secret life of some of Australia's best known journalists - the anguished ethical judgements they make, the power they wield and the fine line they walk between privacy, decency and the public right to know." In recent years the public has been alarmed and outraged by the revelations of programs like Media Watch. Yet for every example of the blatant misuse of media power, there's a case in which there are - quite simply - no right answers.

In each episode, the audience is taken into different newsrooms in rival media empires. Under gentle but persistent questioning from director Ellen Fanning, some of Australia's leading journalists are challenged to relive their most difficult professional moments, debate the choices they made, reveal the frustrations they face in trying to get at the truth and the sometimes agonising decisions they make about how far to go in pursuit of a story.

Running Time
165 mins
Nb videos
6 videos included