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Fireplace for Your Home
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Fireplace for Your Home

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

I think it's great that you only have to build one fire to be enjoyed by many. I would have liked to see the logs of the fire poked and prodded for optimal blaze.

Anonymous picture

Nice quality video, but the cheap synth music is entirely off-putting.

Anonymous picture

The fire is nice. Need an option to turn off the music.

Anna avatar

Nice & toasty fireplace to warm up your home! Perfect for small and large gatherings, or to have a nice little fire to yourself. Happy holidays!

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this it warmed my heart

Anonymous picture

Yes, I definitely wish there was no music, just the crackling fire. Guess I won't use it. A shame.

Anonymous picture

This one has Christmas music in the soundtrack, which may or may not be to your liking. (You can mute the video, but then you don't get the fire crackle noises.)

Anonymous picture

one of the best fireplaces!!