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The Fits
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The Fits

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

A mumblecore coming-of-age movie that occasionally tries to be a magic-realist horror flick. Alexis Neblett has a magnetic quality which I suspect is the entire reason this film is getting so much praise, because it certainly isn't for the plot, dialog, or pacing. 1 star

Anonymous picture

no story it sucked had keep forwarding it the dancers were painful to watch

Allan avatar

Fantastic coming of age story. Amazing that this was a debut feature for Holmer. Incredibly confident direction. Royalty Hightower is going to be a star.

Anonymous picture

beautifully shot film. Story was bleh

Anonymous picture

It’s ok

Anonymous picture

wow! I feel so glad I've seen this film. so beautiful, so compelling, so quiet. my favorite kind of movie!

Anonymous picture

Wanted this to be another Girlhood but Storyline matters. Cinematography is what may be making everyone rant and rave.

Ariel avatar

What I love the most about The Fits is Holmer's focus on observational storytelling, resulting in an eerie, unsettling feeling throughout. A unique take of the classic coming-of-age story, by far. Young Royalty Hightower is an absolute star.

Chanel avatar

"assurance that every shot holds weight so don get sick jus lift up and learn to fly"cocobirdi