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Alaska is a Drag
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Fun in Boys Shorts

Every June, a packed house fills the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco for a raucous showcase of the finest in short gay men's films. Frameline, host to the oldest and largest LGBTQ film festival, now brings the festival to you. The misadventures of the gay experience come to life in this variety of award-winning shorts--from awkward threesomes to dubious dating etiquette to the trials and tribulations of shopping excursions.

Settle into your finest boxers and enjoy brief films with Frameline Presents: Fun in Boys Shorts. After convincing his husband to retire their old lumpy futon, Nelson is forced to come out in a spectacular way while shopping in Spooners. A hopeless romantic learns a thing or two about relationships when he gets too close to the perfect couple in the awkwardly hilarious Housebroken. Love and acceptance for all hairstyles (or lack thereof) are found in the international musical sensation Bald Guy (Skallamann). Leo's dreams of being an international superstar are hard-fought working in a fish cannery in Alaska is a Drag. A cartoon character goes to therapy because he feels rejected in a "live-action" world in Unanimated. A break from a long-term relationship leads to surprising results in Sabbatical. And finally, an urban gay couple disputes their very different views on holding hands in public, in P.D.A.

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Kimberly avatar

Great film. Really made me laugh. Well done. Now I'm going to Drowzy to buy a bed... : )

Anonymous picture

Spooners is hilarious!