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Frank vs. God
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Frank vs. God

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Anonymous picture

I didn't know what to expect, at least, but I enjoyed this movie. Just wanted to watch something different, entertaining, away from social medias and regular programmings and this was it.

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The acting was a bit lame, but it made some good points. I enjoyed it. My dog just wanted to go outside and roll in the snow. Next time we'll watch a dog movie

Anonymous picture

some good script and dialogue - a bit slow but worth watching

Anonymous picture

Profoundly funny!

Anonymous picture

Some engaging performances and clever writing, but this film just became more and more sappy as it went on.

Anonymous picture

Edgy, funny, original -- this movie has hung with me for months. I wish I had written the screenplay.

Anonymous picture

Not sure how this won awards - it's a cliche from start to finish.

Barb avatar

This may start out a little corney, but it's a great movie with a great story line. Happy ending for'll like it!