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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture
Karen Lea

I got through 20 minutes of this film.

Anonymous picture

Darkly humorous bloody fun. Reservoir Dogs meets Keystone Kops. Those who think the terrible aim of all the shooters was unrealistic have never tried to fire a handgun, especially under duress.

Anonymous picture

waste of time

Anonymous picture

As a fan of many of the actors in this film I don't write lightly that it was just terrible and most of the actors were not at their best either. I get that some might find it fun - I don't get it but each to their own.

Neil avatar

KIl, kill. Shoot, shoot. Kill, kill. Shoot, shoot. Terrible aim, pretty much everyone, but I guess the length has to be dragged out to 90 min for feature length. The sort of film that gives movie making a bad name.

Felix avatar

91 minutes of non-stop unrealistic gunfire. Very boring.

Anonymous picture

0 stars: Nothing redeemable. Not a comedy at all, ugly settings, action and language. You have to have a sick sense of humor to think this is funny. But, no one can say anything not PC in a joke these days?

Anonymous picture

Fun movie where you get dropped right into the action.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Well well. I love this movie. Don't ask me why. I won't answer that. BUT the cinematography was what I hoped it would be. The A24 part doens't hurt either.