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The General
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The General

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Comments (10)

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J. S.

One of the great movies that marked my life. I shall always recommend this piece of art to anyone who considers himself prepare to put aside prejudices and understand our history.

yoka avatar

A true classic !

Byravan avatar

Hilarious and so much good acting by the matchless Buster Keaton. I wish he was portraying a fellow helping the Union instead of the Confederate Army.

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Alex avatar

Not sure how anything about a loyal Southerner stopping those dastardly Union men could be a classic. The Lost Cause should be lost and forgotten, Keaton or not.

Anonymous picture
J. S.

that means that you are unable to put aside prejudices and understand other contexts besides your own.

Anonymous picture

Excellent movie

Anonymous picture
Joanne Caban

Great movie!

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Timothy Barre


Anonymous picture

Loved it!