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God in the Dock
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God in the Dock
Part of the Series: A History of Christianity

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The First Christianity
Diarmaid MacCulloch discusses the origins of Christianity in ancient Israel.
Catholicism, The Unpredictable Rise of Rome
Diarmaid MacCulloch discusses the beginnings of Catholicism, the rise of the Catholic Church in Rome and the Papacy.
Orthodoxy, From Empire to Empire
Diarmaid MacCulloch discusses the rise of the Greek Orthodox Church in Constantinople and the rise of the , Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow.
Reformation - The Individual Before God
Diarmaid MacCulloch discusses the Reformation, Protestantism, Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli , John Calvin, the Counter Reformation, and the Thirty Years War.
Protestantism - The Evangelical Explosion
Diarmaid MacCulloch presents the rise of the Protestant Church's evangelical Protestantism.
God in the Dock
Diarmaid MacCulloch, presents how skepticism has influenced Christianity and the future of western Christianity - 'Where will it go from here?'.