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God Help the Girl
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God Help the Girl

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Desiree avatar

As a Belle and Sebastian head, I knew I had to watch this movie at some point. I'll admit I got a little bored near the middle of the film, but it had parts that had me smiling and feeling cozy, warm, nostalgic, and a little bit melancholy - just like Belle and Sebastian's music :) It's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I've been a fan of Murdoch's work with Belle and Sebastian for years. This film was disappointing though. I wouldn't mind if he kept to music.

Anonymous picture

What a lovely and adorable story and cozy soulful film. The freedom and confinements of youth and finding one's self are beautifully written and portrayed.

Betty avatar

I watched out of curiosity (1) lead actress/American Gods (2) Glasgow's music scene. But I found myself getting bored. Has its own lil charm tho.

Carol avatar

I recommend this, a sweet movie with lovely songs with some realistic struggles of youth today (anorexia).

Anonymous picture

sweetly existential, about a time of life full of dreams and creative power. Lead actors great, music is natural with the story. Downside: Eve has anorexia, yet -except for minor characters, features only thin kids- like the all-youth/skinny media that perpetuates anorexia and ageism.

Anonymous picture

This was l o v e l y. And I'd totally forgotten that the songs were from Belle & Sebastian, which only makes it better. A beautiful, moving indie portrait of a new kind of "twee" musical -- quirky and stylish, with a great cast to boot.

Anonymous picture

Jeez. Name one well written Britfilm in the last ten years....aha...stumped u.

Anonymous picture

I have no idea why I watched this movie when I don't enjoy musicals. The movie was a bit lame because there wasn't much going on and the songs Eve (the main character) was singing were just describing her daily routine. She was making songs of how she woke up in the morning or how she ended ...Read more