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Goodbye to Language
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Goodbye to Language

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

Really undisciplined, self-indulgent. Also kept slipping in and out of focus.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman


Anonymous picture

Godard. Ni plus, ni moins. C'est tout.

Anonymous picture

If it did not go on for so painfully long, I would think it was a parody of French pomposity and pseudo intellectual BS- and I greatly admired some of this director's earlier works. Is he doing a spoof of himself? I could not get through the entire film despite several attempts to hang in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

There is beauty in this film, in the cinematography and (maybe) in the ideas, but it is also incredibly... murky. There is no real narrative here, but, like a Jackson Pollack painting, though seemingly randomly arrayed, it still causes the mind to spin. That being said, I could have done ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Misogynistic French blowviating.

Anonymous picture

Don't you want to unpack your reaction to this film a bit better?

Kim avatar

Ha I am a big fan of this director but enough is enough, I could not get through even 5 minutes

Jason avatar

Thats an interesting reaction. I am a big fan and it still fascinates me, even if it seems random and chaotic and haphazardly done. hes saying a lot about how images play an effect on us at different levels. Thats why he's overlapping sounds and images that dont go together. He also brings up ...Read more

Kim avatar

OK JAson

I will try it again and give it more time and an open mind since you sing the movie's praises. I will reconnect with you to see if I changed my mind.

Anonymous picture

amazing. I loved it.

Anonymous picture

Next time I suffer from insomnia, I'll know what film to watch.

Anonymous picture

Most pretentious crap (in French)