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It would be nice if there was the option for Spanish subtitles. Translating from Guaraní to English is difficult and a lot is lost in translation. Very happy this film is available, though. Paraguay's film community is tiny (no more than 40 films made in its history), so I'd love to see ...Read more

virginia avatar

I totally agree with the idea of Spanish subtitles from Guarani. So much gets lost in translation, although I am not sure how much will get lost in translation even in Spanish. Great insight into what's left of the Guarani community. We need more movies like this one, to learn about the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great idea for Spanish Subtitles!

Minami avatar

Thanks for your comment, Gustavo! Our team is checking with the supplier of this title to see if Spanish subtitles are available. We'll let you know if they are added!