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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

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So good

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I can see why some would compare this to a John Waters movie because of the white trash characters, but this movie is not nearly as raunchy as any of Waters' earlier films, but still worth viewing. This movie is actually quite sweet at heart. The wacky cast of characters at this El Monte ...Read more

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Movie won me over. Big Sean Young fan.

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It is definitely a screwball comedy! I found it very entertaining. It is not a movie that will put you to sleep. The oddball characters and story is what keeps things interesting for the entire duration of the movie. If you just want pure entertainment this is a good pick. If you do not like ...Read more

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the "sexual" sister is bad and the virgin is good. News flash!! (snark alert) Kind of funny but self conscious and normative while claiming to be naughty. Nothing like the splash page for those hoping. Wants to be Waters, isn't.