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Homo Sapiens 1900
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Homo Sapiens 1900

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This is an interesting piece that shows the history of Eugenics in Sweden, Germany and the USSR. The film has scant information about the Eugenics movement in the US that proved to be the basis of the Nazi's version. Overall, it is well done, but disappointing in that it almost totally ...Read more

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American Experience has a documentary on the American aspect. "The Eugenics Crusade" that is worth watching. It will probably be available here eventually, but might be accessible to you on

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Overall there was some interesting info shared-- good info on Russia's evolving take on Eugenics and lots of unseen video clips -- but truthfully the entire documentary was difficult to watch. My husband and I were looking forward to seeing this (we're Holocaust scholars) but it took several ...Read more

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archival work at its best