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Hunt For The Wilderpeople
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Hunt For The Wilderpeople

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Anonymous picture

happy so far

Anonymous picture

Excellent Wilderpeople movie. I enjoy the selections on Kanopy. Thank you

Anonymous picture

A delightful film that manages to work through tough issues with a humorous touch. A good family film for kids 12+. Really glad to see this available.

Anonymous picture

What a fun and sweet movie. Friendship and love overcome deep loneliness. Great movie!

Lauren avatar

Such a sweet & fun film. The cast is great, Sam Neill is one of my all time favorite actors, Rima Te Wiata (also seen in the great NZ horror film Housebound) is lovely and Julian Dennison was effectively lovable and hilarious. Taika Waititi is such an excellent director, I'm a big fan of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Loved this movie!!!!!! MUST SEE!!!!!

Richard avatar

Seriously comedic, most satisfying Epilogue.

Anonymous picture

I noticed this is a really good film.

Charlie avatar

Thank you Scott

Tom avatar

This is one the BEST FILMS EVER!!!! So good. Please do yourself a favor and watch this!