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Hunter Gatherer
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Hunter Gatherer

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Thanks for the spoiler Lucy. I am definitly NOT up for double suicide, attempted, prevented, or achieved. Will not be watching this.

Anonymous picture

Watch it. Brilliant.

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I saw a starkly different film from what the professional reviewers suggest the tone and content of the film is about. In fact, Hunter Gatherer is a profoundly tragic story of a man who is an anachronism in his own time, struggling to find his way back into a world that has left him behind. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this film. I thought that the use of color created a contrary setting to the dark matters that were being dealt with. The two main characters were very interesting, especially in how they were developed throughout the movie. Ashley, though older, was conveyed as a childish person. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Wow... thanks for giving away the entire movie in your comment... maybe think that others are looking at your comment as a guide to if the movie is a good view and not to have the entire movie's plot and spoilers spilled out because someone doesn't know the difference between "comment" and ...Read more