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I Am Alone
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I Am Alone

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Anonymous picture

Didn't work for me at all. Poorly scripted. Mediocre acting. Puzzling plot gaps. I'm often not big on "found footage" and this is a particularly bad example: painful, sometimes downright puzzling camerawork. To top it off the print is not particularly crisp-- not sure if that is the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It was worth watching once. It is not worth watching twice. 3.5 stars. Mike

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Very drawn to this movie by the emotional title. I'll just say this. Losing the people you love can make you avery vulnerable person. That's why I started watching thesemovies again. I'm not sure if I'm ready to watch this one yet. Still got BUster.

William avatar

Great lead performance (Gareth David-Lloyd, the guy with three first names) and reality production crew dialog, but the cheapo CDC map made out of Christmas lights was a shamefully lame prop decision and ruined the movie. Seriously. There was also some pretty blecch overacting. But the idea ...Read more