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I Dream of Wires
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I Dream of Wires

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

First 2/3 was interesting, but the last 1/3 really dragged for me (not an electronic musician). Also, they sent a crew to film a segment at Mills College in OAKLAND CA and still managed to identify it as being in Berkeley, how did that happen?

Anonymous picture

A labour of love of a documentary for musicians, more than mere music lovers like myself.

Dylan avatar

Anyone interested in the history of music, technology, and the intersection of music and technology should watch I DREAM OF WIRES. It features fascinating interviews with pioneers - new and old - and quite interestingly presents a great case study of the economics of mass production and ...Read more

John avatar

Was modern electronic house music born in the 60s?

Anonymous picture

Yes, the technology and techniques were introduced by, perhaps most prominently, Karlheinz Stockhausen in Germany in the 1950s and the musical concrete people in Brussels (Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaffer) in the 1950s. John Cage was the first (I know of) who actually scored a part for record ...Read more