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The exaggerated expressions of Watanabe, the lighting across his face and makeup to enhance his cheekbones and scruffy beard made me wonder if Kurosawa had kabuki theater in mind when he filmed this. I would love to learn a bit more about this then rewatch it.

Joe avatar

Really beautiful until the last hour which is basically an elongated epilogue comprised of bureaucrats arguing. Watanabe is what the movie's about. We're here for his existential crisis and he leaves with so much screentime left.

Anonymous picture

This film (to me) speaks a truth at the heart of our condition: life is ephemeral and fleeting; too precious a gift to be cast under the millstone of quotidian cares. The light dancing in Watanabe's eyes, as he realizes he still has time to make the world a little better for others, contrasts ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I love how the story took what was necessary from Ivan Ilyich but managed to make it so much more heartwarming at the same time.

Anonymous picture

This is the most depressing movie I've ever seen. I honestly dare someone to find me a movie that is more depressing than this one.

Anonymous picture

depressing at first, INFINITELY heartwarming by the end

Anonymous picture

requiem for a dream

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bicycle thieves

Anonymous picture

The moment when his son calls out to him and he gets partway up the stairs before the son says to close the door is amazing. Also most of the scenes at his wake and the vignettes throughout. You could argue there were moments that could be tightened or altered a bit, but the heart of the film ...Read more

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Hi Christo

Anonymous picture

This film makes me want to brush my teeth 3 times a day

Anonymous picture

I cried 3 times throughout watching this... Completely solidifies my love of Kurosawa

Neon avatar

Beautiful film. This film taught not just me but many other people a thing or two about how to live a life that you want to be happy with. Takashi Shimura's character is like Jesus Christ if he was ever reincarnated as a different person. Truly inspiring.

Anonymous picture

Everyone who works in a bureaucracy (and that's almost all of us), should watch this movie. You CAN make a difference. The question is: will you?

Anonymous picture

My favorite movie of all time, the kind of film that makes you want to change something profound about how you live your life.

Anonymous picture

I agree completely Jason. A few days after I watched this, i realized that I had to change how I was living my life. now i am embarking on this journey to find my self

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intense, poignant, powerful.

Anonymous picture

Not sure if this is Kurosawa's best .. but it is for me :-) If you are not moved by this movie ... you must be made of stone :-(